If you have a product or a product idea and have ever wondered how to get it placed in a Major Big Box Retailer, "On The Shelf" is the show for you. Every week we tackle important subjects crucial to mounting a successful sales campaign into Big Box Retail. From timeframes to packaging to Pricing we cover it all. Using simple steps, information and instruction, On The Shelf will be your personal wholesale consultant. Presented by TLB Consulting, a concierge consulting company, who has over 22 years of retail / wholesale expertise.


“Dear Mr. Bush, I just wanted to thank you for all the content that you are putting out there. I am in a starting phase of launching a product to retailers, and I have benefited greatly from the podcasts that I found on Spotify! Thank you again you had truly help motivate me. Best, Faisal Adnan Montreal, QC, Canada.”


“Thank you again for everything you're doing to help manufacturers like myself! Your podcast has given me a total new outlook on how to approach trade shows and buyers with a plan for success.”



OTS 166 | Protect Yourself

How To Protect Yourself In The Uncertain Times With John Frederick

  The world can be a scary place. We never know how many bad people are lurking out there. As fathers, we can’t help but be scared for the lives of our children who are out on their own. Departing from talks about products, Timothy Bush goes in-depth into a necessary topic that we must...

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OTS 165 | What Retailers Need Now

What Retailers Need Right Now #YourQuestionsAnswered

  Whether you’re out and about or if you are sequestered at home still, everybody has their own way of dealing with opening back up. As stores and establishments are creating their own standards –  which they have every right to do – all kinds of crazy sentiment are going on out there, especially on...

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OTS 164 | New Normal

Two Key Skills You Will Need In Our “New Normal”

  Let’s face it. The post-COVID-19 world will not be a return to normal, but a pivot to a “new normal.” It is in times like this when the entrepreneurial spirit comes into play and distinguishes those who hunker down and wait for everything to level out from those who see opportunity in the middle...

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OTS 163 | COVID-19 Pandemic

Navigating Our Business Around COVID-19 With Tom Hazzard

  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a fundamental shift in the entire international landscape, and businesses are working overtime to adapt to the so-called “new normal.” In this new atmosphere, businesses have been figuring out – to varying degrees of success – new ways to continue doing business that still preserve the safety and wellbeing...

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OTS 162 | Developing Brand Strategy

Developing Your Brand Strategy With Zahra Cruzan

  No matter how great you are at what you do, if you don’t know how to apply a value to it for others to see, then you remain in the shadows. This is what today’s guest sees that is lacking among businesses and entrepreneurs and that ad agencies tend to miss out. Timothy Bush...

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OTS 161 | Growing Your Sales

Growing Your Sales With “Nutshell” Featuring Mike Carroll

    Sales number is the bottom line statistic for practically every existing business—that much can’t be denied. If you’re not growing your sales, then your company, at the end of the day, isn’t really growing, and no one wants that kind of stagnation to occur for their business. Mike Carroll uses his experience as...

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OTS 160 | Trade Show Strategies

Do You Have A Trade Show Strategy?

  One of the best ways of showcasing your brand is through trade shows. But how can you outshine so many similar products and services? Today, Timothy Bush shares some trade show strategies that you can use to allow your presence to vibrate in the venue. He highlights the benefits of trade shows as well...

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OTS 159 | Personal Growth For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs + #QuestionsAnswered

  As an entrepreneur, the temptation to keep doing things that only benefit the client or the business will always exist, no matter what situation. Because of this, personal growth for entrepreneurs is often ignored or left by the wayside. Timothy Bush talks about making room for one’s personal growth amid the chaos of running...

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OTS 158 | Lessons From Canton Fair

The 5 Lessons I Learned At The Canton Fair

  What do you get when you put entrepreneurs and factories in one place together? A whole lot of innovation and magic. In this episode, host Timothy Bush reveals the five lessons he learned at the Canton Fair, a biannual trade show for factories in China to exhibit their capabilities in producing. He shares the...

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OTS 157 | Finding Your Entrepreneurial Balance

Finding Your Entrepreneurial Balance – #flashtopic

  What do you do when you are not doing your job? In this Flash Topic episode, host Timothy Bush brings back Joe Tarnowski, Tracy Hazzard, and Salah Khalaf to talk about finding their entrepreneurial balance. In a world that seems to want more out of us, it can be very difficult to keep track...

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