“Dear Mr. Bush, I just wanted to thank you for all the content that you are putting out there. I am in a starting phase of launching a product to retailers, and I have benefited greatly from the podcasts that I found on Spotify! Thank you again you had truly help motivate me. Best, Faisal Adnan Montreal, QC, Canada.”

Faisal Adnan

“Thank you again for everything you're doing to help manufacturers like myself! Your podcast has given me a total new outlook on how to approach trade shows and buyers with a plan for success.”

Emmet Costen

“Tim’s knowledge of this part of the industry is not something you can get anywhere - this comes from years of experience, mis-steps and successes. Don’t go it alone - listen to Tim."

Hazz Design WTFFF

“We have a lot of our clients that are looking for information to get their products into big box retail. As a business advisor this great information I can share with my clients. Thank you!”

Justin Recla

“As a free podcast, it's incredible to get specific and actionable information from Timothy. Being involved in a startup and implementing his advice has yielded success for us and I hope it does for others too. Thank you Timothy for your dedication to helping others."


“Tim does an awesome job in focusing on the actions small business owners and product founders need to take to get products into retail stores. Many podcasts cover general sales and marketing topics, but it's great to have a specialized show that dives into the detail of this process!”

Filip On iTunes

“I have not come acrose anyone with as much practical information to share sbout how to sensibly grow your business selling a physical product. I am not ready yet for big box but On the Shelf has really helped me avoid missteps and plan wisely as my business develops. I now hear others chatting about selling to box stores and I realize how much wrong information there is out there because people just don't have the experience. But, Tim does and i wouldn't proceed without hearing what he has to say. (PS - I recommend starting with the Myth Busting episode - it is a great motivator!)"


“This podcast has been amazing for us. Through it we discovered a certain tradeshow that we ended up attending and closing a large retailer. Tim even responded to an email I sent him. Guy is amazing!!!”


“For entrepreneurs like me that are trying to figure out how to get into Big Box retailers, Timothy does a great job! I also went to his website and bought his spreadsheets where you can do "what-if" analysis on retail pricing. Extremely valuable and a steal. Highly recommended. Tip - buy the full package and take advantage of the included 30 min call. I did, an it's awesome.”


“Tim is one of the most friendly and refreshing sales professionals I know. Tim supports sales and business objectives with clear and conscise thinking. He never loses sight of his objectives, and gives creative and constructive feedback to Marketing to support his efforts. I highly recommend him.”

Andrew Corkill

Director of Product Management

“Tim is laser focused on the customer at all times. His ability to cut through obstacles and bureaucracy and meet customer objectives is legendary. He is very talented at developing long term mutually beneficial customer relationships. Tim is in charge of the Retail business for Human Touch Massage Products and he has done a fabulous job to help HTT deliver new opportunities to their retail map. Tim is and would be an asset to any organization he works for! It's easy to work diligently for someone that understands what I do every day in sales. I'm pround to work hard for a sales leader that has keen instincts!”

Andy Birnbaum

Manufacturer's Representative

“Tim is an unusually talented sales professional. He is able not only to work easily and fluidly with existing accounts and channels but also is able to creatively research and analyze new potential channels. Once defined, he turns those channels into profitable businesses. Hard working and well versed in all the latest selling techniques, Tim is more than just an outstanding sales professional. He is an expert in profitable business development.”

Nick Gibbons

Managing Director International Sales, California

“Tim is an excellent senior level sales executive with a broad range of creative skills and a very strategic approach to reaching corporate objectives. Tim is always a hard working individual with a great sense of team spirit and humor. He is proactive in his dealings with accounts and consistently proves to be a valuable resource for others. Tim would undoubtedly be a great asset to any organization.”

Ila Barot-Oldakowski

Director/VP, Marketing

“We found Timothy (as a consultant) via a blog when looking for someone with experience in selling to a big box store chain. Even though we only used him for a short time (not his fault), we found Timothy to be very fortright, ethical and, for the short time that we used his expertise, very knowledgeable about the specific retailer we were trying to approach. If we have an opportunity in the future to try and close that deal, we will definitely come back to him to help us land this client.” Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity

Richard Blumenstein